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Simon Bradstock

Simon Bradstock - SVP and General Manager, Consumer Insights

Simon is responsible for the overall strategy, sales, marketing and delivery of Experian Hitwise services to top brands and companies across North America. As a member of the Experian Marketing Services management team, Simon uses data gathered from our comprehensive online consumer sample to develop new and unique insights into Internet user trends and create a strategy to best target these consumers in Search, Display, E-mail and social campaigns.

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Ken Wollenberg

Ken Wollenberg - COO, Consumer Insights

A 30+ year veteran of the media and marketing research industries, Ken Wollenberg has served as an executive for some of America's most distinguished media and marketing research companies. Now President & General Manager of Experian Simmons, Ken is responsible for the long-range planning, positioning and success of the country’s largest and fastest growing consumer research company.

Before joining Simmons, Ken worked as Senior Vice President for Strategic and Business Development at Nielsen Media Research. Prior to that, he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Mediamark Research, Inc., and for 23 years at the Arbitron Company, in various executive positions, including Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing and a member of the Arbitron Board of Directors.

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Ellen Romer

Ellen Romer - Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning, Consumer Insights

Ellen oversees brand strategy and innovation, placing special emphasis on providing unique and relevant solutions to clients using Experian’s toolkit of consumer databases, proprietary modeling and data integration techniques. Ellen's 20 years of research experience has included custom and multi-client projects spanning a broad range of industries, from on-line and print media to consumer packaged goods to healthcare. Before joining Experian Simmons, Ellen served as Senior Vice President of global patient studies at Market Measures/NOP World Health. She also served as Managing Director/Research of Rx Remedy Information Services.

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Jim Tobolski

Jim Tobolski - Vice President of Client Business Development and Client Service, Consumer Insights

As the leader of the Client Business Development and Client Service teams at Experian Simmons, Jim Tobolski has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results for his clients and his team. Jim has established cutting-edge strategies designed to cultivate client-focused solutions and long-term relationships. Jim’s inspirational and energetic leadership style can be both contagious and motivating. Throughout his 20-plus year career, Jim has been particularly adept at successfully leading multi-functional teams of high performers – from training to sales and marketing. He has done this by balancing the strategic vision with meticulous management direction that consistently lead to exceptional individual and team performance.

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Anita Gandhi

Anita Gandhi - VP Strategic Services, Consumer Insights

Anita brings more than 10 years of experience to the leadership of the Experian Hitwise strategic services and custom segmentation team. With the idea that no two clients are the same, Anita and her team work with Experian Hitwise clients to identify, reach, acquire and retain highly defined consumer segments. Anita leverages Hitwise and Experian data and analytical expertise to create segmentation solutions that fit the specific goals and objectives of each client

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Alex Schumacher

Alex Schumacher - Senior Director of Marketing, Consumer Insight

Alex Schumacher, Senior Director of Marketing in Consumer Insights, has more than 15 years of experience across a variety of marketing disciplines. Evangelizing Experian Marketing Services through our leading products, Simmons and Hitwise, Alex is passionate helping brands connect with their customers in unique and creative ways. From his home in the Marin County, California, he enjoys spending time outdoors, cheering on the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants, photography and traveling to explore new cities with his wife.

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