When you’re aiming to secure a new customer/member base, it can be frustrating to discover that your credit file will only get you so far. After all, a certain portion of the population won’t be available for prescreen, which can impact your response rate. But with Experian’s ITA Solutions, you can supplement your prescreen activities, extend your reach, and pull in new credit consumers—all with targeted precision.

Experian can help you enhance your customer/member acquisition efforts and make them more efficient, empowering you to cross-sell strategies, optimize your response rates, and make the most of your marketing spend by measuring your campaign effectiveness. We do this by giving you:

Powerful data to enhance your ITA analytics:

  • Target your best prospects by understanding consumers' financial attitudes and ability to spend.
  • Gain insight into the credit health of neighborhoods across the United States for improved ITA analytics and offer decisioning.
  • Target your best prospects based on profitability, approval rates, and response rates.
  • Identify emerging consumers who are likely to be the most responsive to targeted campaigns using an array of non-credit data.
  • Leverage analytical model routines to predict factors such as current home value and estimated equity in a home.

Access to Experian’s Custom Analytics: From profiling and understanding your best customers, to developing prospect models based on those best-customer profiles, to closing the loop on your campaigns with measurement and ROI analysis, Experian’s Custom Analytics expertise provides marketers with insights that inspire confidence.

Insights from Ascend Analytical Sandbox: We can enable instant access to 17+ years of full file Experian credit data on 220 million consumers, commercial data, rental data and other alternative data sources, in addition to your own customer data.

Activation solutions: Activate your best audience using our direct partnerships with more than 25 of the largest US media providers across TV, online, mobile, email and direct mail, and digital onboarding on 80+ DSPs, DMPs and other cookie-based platforms.

Superior campaign measurement: Link the online and offline performance of your campaigns through a variety of campaign measurement reports and dashboard views to measure the effectiveness and performance of your omni-channel campaigns.

Why Experian?
We’re not just here to give you more data. With our consultative approach, we can help you make sense of it all and use it to make more insightful decisions so you can remain profitable and competitive.

For over 50 years, we’ve built up expertise across multiple industries, and we’re ready to share our best practices with you. Plus, our solutions adhere to federal regulatory guidelines, so you can feel confident knowing your marketing campaigns are in full compliance.

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