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Press Releases

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Direct Mail Data Cleansing

Periodic database cleansing results in better accuracy and improves mailing campaign performance.

Marketing databases that support direct mail programs often suffer from data quality degradation. Experian® Housefile RefreshSM powered by Truvue® helps overcome this problem by providing periodic database cleansing resulting in better accuracy and improves mailing campaign performance.

Realizes a more complete understanding of your customers relationships by eliminating duplicates and market more efficiently by standardizing and consolidating customer information from multiple campaigns and sales channels.

Comprehensive Data Quality

Housefile Refresh combines a full suite of United States Postal Service® programs with our proprietary data quality solutions to bring your customers into focus and give you the ability to communicate with them more effectively.

Advanced Data Integration

Housefile Refresh, combined with Truvue data integration technology, builds internal matching capabilities across your databases so you can share data throughout your company. The result is a complete view of all your customers and their entire relationship with your company.

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