Consumer Trend Reports

Dive into the rise of the Internet of Things – which consumers are leading the way? And what role can your brand play in this increasingly connected world?

Experian Marketing Services joins with PM Digital to explore how today’s consumers are changing the way they interact with luxury brands online.

This report reveals the five distinct types of moms today and provides a look into each one’s attitudes, behaviors, motivations and media and consumer preferences.

The Internet of Things: Opportunities through the rise in smart devices

The Mom Report: Delivering intelligent interactions with today’s moms

Trending Now: What savvy marketers should be doing right this minute

Smarter strategies for successful acquisition programs

Millennial Financial Outlook: A generation ripe with investment opportunity

Millennials come of age: ConsumerSpeak Series

Meeting omni-channel consumer demands

Cross-Device Video Analysis

African American Shopper Analysis

The Always-On Consumer Report

Deal Seekers Report

2013 Holiday Hot Sheets

Engaging the Connected Traveler

2013 LGBT Demographic Report

The New American Consumer: Trends in Hispanic Consumer Demographics

The Latino Influence Project Report

The 2012 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Demographic Report

Retail Marketing Segmentation - Daily Deals Shopper Insights powered by AudienceView

Consumer Segmentations: Simmons Auto-Motives Report

PoliticalPersonassm Report

2011 Social Media Consumer Trend Report

Unique Learnings in Creating a 360 View of Mobile Consumers

2011 Mobile Consumer Report

2011 Discretionary Spend Report

2010 U.S. Household Consumer Trend and Benchmark Report

2010 Hitwise® Snapshot: Top Search Terms & Websites

C Class: The New Brazil Middle Class?

2010 Social Networking Report

2010 LGBT Consumer Report

Canadian Online Retail Trends and Opportunties

Apple Market Ranker

Five Ways to Use Syndicated Research to Measure Advertising Effectiveness

Demographics and Preferences of Coffee Drinkers in America

Domestic Travel Trends

How Teenage Girls Spend Their Money

Candy Consumption of Kids and Households with Kids

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