Case studies

Data clique

Data Clique: Data, targeting and measurement drive gym memberships

A national fitness chain approached Data Clique with two hurdles to overcome. First, they had declining memberships. Second, they had no direction on how to best allocate their marketing spend. Data Clique partnered with Experian Marketing Services to learn more about the gyms customers, develop a targeted audience for direct mail and display advertising, and deliver reporting that demonstrated whether or not the campaigns were driving prospects into their gyms. After a few months, Data Clique and Experian campaigns drove up to 57% of new monthly memberships for the national chain through a combination of direct mail and online display advertising.



Bon-Ton: Spreading holiday cheer through SMS/MMS

The regional department store company wanted to find a unique way to break through the holiday marketing clutter. With the help of Experian Marketing Services, the brand developed a gift guide sweepstakes program, including daily mobile text message reminders that were personalized to fit the specific brand with which the subscriber was used to engaging. With the whimsical and exciting campaign, the brand achieved 14.5x the original goal for mobile opt-ins in just 21 days.


Finish Line

Finish Line: Innovating emails with real-time data and personalization

The leading athletic apparel and shoe retailer wanted to reach college football fans with an email campaign that resonated during the most impactful moments of the football season. Within the Experian Marketing Suite, the brand combined multiple data sources to optimize segmentation and added innovative design elements like live polling, resulting in a 24% increase in transaction rates and a 42% increase in campaign revenue year-over-year.


Movember Foundation

Movember: Scalable field marketing for a global organization

The Australia-based not-for-profit organization Movember needed to scale their e-newsletter marketing efforts to reach global markets with localized and country-specific messages. By partnering with Experian Marketing Services, they were able to develop centrally-controlled templates to send 460 personalized e-newsletters in one year, a 300% increase from the year prior, reaching a 10% higher open rate than the industry average.


BassPro Shops

Bass Pro Shops: Reengaging inactive subscribers through global email insights

Bass Pro Shops needed a way to intelligently win back inactive subscribers without damaging its sender reputation. As a part of Experian Marketing Services’ Email Insights cooperative, the brand investigated global email activity among its inactive subscriber list, limiting reactivation efforts to those were not truly inactive. They achieved a 9 percent engagement rate, safely funneling those users back into regular interaction with the brand.



Meredith Corporation drives success using a single customer view across channels

Meredith Corporation required a solution to integrate and link its disparate data for an integrated, accurate and persistent view of its customers and prospects. Meredith implemented Experian Marketing Services’ advanced linkage technology and data assets to meet their needs. Meredith improved its ability to deliver ROI – having a single understanding of their customers across all channels allowed for improved targeting, up-sell and cross-sell programs.


American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters: Powering cross-channel shopping experience through mobile

American Eagle Outfitters developed a program called Reserve, Try and Buy that allows customers to browse for a product on their app or website, and then reserve it to try on at their nearest store. When the item is set aside, a series of real-time email and SMS messages are triggered and deployed  to confirm the order and announce the product’s availability at the local store. These real-time messages are also enhanced with dynamically relevant content, like store hours and location information.


Overstock reduced its logistical and customer care costs by close to $1,000,000

Overstock wanted to reduce costs due to inaccurate and incomplete data. With the address verification tools from Experian Data Quality, undeliverable orders have dropped by more than 40% and customer satisfaction ratings increased drastically.


Duke Energy

Duke’s targeting improved direct marketing efficiency in HVAC program by 84%

Duke Energy wanted to understand their 7 million customers better, in order to improve customer satisfaction and drive up-sell. Duke learned that customers that were highly satisfied were 200-300% more likely to enroll in additional initiatives such as energy management and Energy Star appliance programs. Learn how they were able to improve targeting and campaign ROI.


Saks 5th Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue drives better clienteling efforts and streamlines back-end processes

Saks Fifth Avenue was experiencing high levels of bad addresses due to the lack of front-end address verification solution in place. This was resulting in expensive rework and poor customer experience. Learn how Saks Fifth Avenue implemented our solutions and fixed those issues!

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