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A credit card is required to start your free 7-day trial membership in Experian CreditWorksSM Plus. You may cancel your trial membership at any time within 7 days without charge. If you decide not to cancel, your membership will continue and you will be billed $14.99 for each month that you continue your membership. You may easily cancel your trial membership online anytime within the trial period without charge.

1Credit score is calculated based on FICO® Score 8 model, unless otherwise noted. In addition to the FICO® Score 8, we may offer and provide other base or industry-specific FICO® Scores (such as FICO® Auto Scores and FICO® Bankcard Scores). Your lender or insurer may use a different FICO® Score than FICO® Score 8 or such other base or industry-specific FICO® Score (if available), or another type of credit score altogether. Learn More.

Product Features

3-Bureau Credit Monitoring

Monitor your credit at Experian, TransUnion®, and Equifax® and receive alerts when key changes occur. Staying on top of your credit at all 3 bureaus gives you greater insight to help make more informed financial decisions. It can also help you detect suspicious activity that may appear on your credit file.

Experian CreditLock

Control who can and cannot access your Experian credit file with the touch of a button. Easily lock your credit data to help protect yourself against identity theft and unwanted credit activity. We’ll notify you with a real-time alert if someone attempts to access your Experian credit file and apply for credit in your name. When you want to apply for credit, simply unlock your file during the process.

Stay up-to-date every day

Your Experian dashboard gives you access to the features that matter most. Get a new FICO® Score based on Experian data every day on sign in. This includes an easy-to-read credit overview that shows the specific factors impacting your score.

Get help when you need it

Get personalized support from our dedicated team of Credit and Fraud Resolution Agents. We’re here to answer your questions and help you gain insight into the factors that may be impacting your credit. When fraud or identity issues are identified, a Fraud Resolution Agent is assigned to work with you closely to resolve them.

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