Introducing the Experian skill for Amazon Alexa

Now when it comes to accessing the benefits of your Experian membership, all you have to do is ask. Simply enable the Experian skill for Amazon Alexa to get started.

Enable the skill

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What you can ask.

First, you’ll need to open Experian and enter your personal key by saying,

“Alexa, open Experian.”

Once connected, these are some of the things you can ask Alexa.

“Read my alerts.”

“Is my credit file locked or unlocked?”

“What's my FICO® Score?”

“Lock my Experian credit file.”

“What are my score factors?”

“How much of my credit am I using?”

“What's my best action?”

“How much debt do I have?”

Getting Started

Download the Amazon Alexa app, enable the Experian skill and you’re readyto engage with your credit information and membership benefits.

Enable the skill

Open the Alexa app. Tap “Skills,” then search for Experian. Tap “Enable.” Accept the Terms and Conditions

Link your account

Enter your Experian username and password and create your personal key for additional security.

Ask Alexa

Conveniently access your Experian membership using only your voice. Start by saying “Alexa, open Experian.”

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