2010 New Years Resolutions Report


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This report examines how Americans plan to approach personal fitness, home remodeling, marriage, and smoking in the coming year.


Weight Watching: Are we losing or gaining? Experian Simmons Waistband segments tell us that 62% of American adults are overweight and more than half of all adults (53%) say they are watching their diet. Fifty-six percent of overweight or obese adults say they are watching their diet, but so are 47% of those who are underweight or normal. The Waistband Segments are created by using respondents? self-reported height and weight to determine their Body Mass Index (BMI). Using guidelines set by the CDC and NIH, Experian Simmons then classifies respondents as either underweight, normal, overweight or obese. Support System: What's the best way to lose? Among those adults who say they?re watching their diet in order to lose weight, diet clubs like Jenny Craig?, Nutrisystem? and Weight Watchers? are the most common non-prescription method adopted regardless of body condition. Fourteen percent of normal or underweight dieters have used diet clubs as have 17% of overweight or obese dieters. By contrast, six percent of all dieters have used meal replacements."