How Smart Companies are Using Rich Data Sources to Manage Risk and Boost Reward


Tags: Business Information, Capital Markets, Fraud Prevention

Learn how finance executives are gaining valuable intelligence on customers, on operating performance, and on potential risks -- and how they're using that knowledge to help their companies grow securely in an uncertain world.


More than three years of slashing costs have left companies with little left to cut and little margin for error in their quest for growth. As a result, many senior finance executives and their organizations are working hard to take downside risks into account more effectively -- and to identify upside opportunities wherever they present themselves -- in a quest for sustained, profitable growth.

During this Webcast, Celina Rogers, editorial director of CFO Research Services, will be joined by Adam Fingersh, Senior Vice President at Experian, to discuss in detail how leading companies are gaining new insight into their customer bases and a better grasp of business risk by making better use of rich data sources.

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