Data Breaches - 2010


Tags: Data Breach, Fraud Prevention

This paper discusses how data breaches happen and what your organization can do to prepare.


Causes, Consumer Consequences and Tools for Layered Defense: This whitepaper investigates different types of data and how it is breached at every stage of its life cycle. When a breach occurs, find out who is held accountable and learn that how you respond to a breach can make an immediate difference on consumer perception and behavior. Before breaking down exactly how data breaches are happening, one fact needs to be addressed: they?re happening on a bigger scale and affecting more consumers than ever. In 2008, records breached totaled 35,691,255. In 2009, that number jumped to 222,477,043 resulting in 26% of consumers receiving data breach notifications and more than one in every four consumers replacing a debit or credit card due to security issues. This growing problem affects company budgets as well as the backlash seen in consumer confidence and spending. So, where are the breaches occurring?

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