Experian/Moody's Analytics Small Business Credit Index - Q1 2013


Tags: Business Information, Fraud Prevention

Although higher tax burdens on U.S. households were expected to make it more difficult for small companies to pay down debts, small business credit conditions improved in the first quarter of 2013, reversing much of the deterioration seen during Q4 2012. The improvement in credit quality has largely been the result of firms keeping a tight lid on labor costs. And while the overall picture has brightened for small companies over the past year, credit conditions are improving unevenly, both by firm size and geographically. Looking at the future, buyers are expected to continue closely watching their finances through the next quarter, limiting their discretionary spending which will cap revenue gains at small companies. Additionally, small-firm employment is likely to stay flat through the fall in preparation for "Obamacare" taking into effect in 2014.


The Experian/Moody's Analytics Small Business Credit Index tracks how businesses are faring over a period of time compared with a base point, with the first quarter of 2011 being equal to 100. The key factors that comprise the index are commercial credit data (including growth of credit balances and delinquency rates measured on a dollar basis) combined with a variety of macroeconomic data (including growth rates for employment, income, retail sales, investment, output and industrial production).

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