Data Breach Response Best Practices Prepared for Experian


Tags: Data Breach, Fraud Prevention

Data Breaches have become commonplace ? 26% of U.S. consumers have received data breach notifications. This report lists best practices for organizations before, during, and after a data breach.


Global criminal networks continue to evolve quickly to develop more sophisticated capabilities. Data loss and breach containment will be an ongoing challenge for businesses. Layered defenses such as data loss prevention (DLP) and security incident and event management (SIEM), covered in this Javelin Strategy and Research report, can help. If your institution experiences a breach, know that your company is not alone. Hundreds of breaches are occurring each year, with the number of breaches in 2009 already totaling 1701 separate incidents as of April. The volume of breaches peaked in 2008, with the Identity Theft Resource Center's 2008 breach report revealing 656 reported breaches, for a 47% increase over 2007?s total of 446.

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