Shopzilla case study

Leading retailer defines customer segments

The challenge

Shopzilla, a leading comparison shopping website wanted to find out the exact profile of visitors to their website, including their demographics, behavioral characteristics, attitudes, beliefs, media consumption and shopping preferences.

The Solution

Growing a consumer-facing business requires an intimate understanding of your consumers. Shopzilla uses Hitwise Lifestyle data to improve their understanding of visitors and apply that insight to their advertising and media plans.

We relied on both internal and external tools to gain an understanding of our customer base (visits per month, percentage of repeat visits, brand awareness studies and site surveys), but we had no actual profiles of our audience” says Susan Brandt.

Using Hitwise Lifestyle, the Shopzilla marketing team identified the profile segments that represented their website visitors. “Once we identified our audience, we knew exactly what they looked like which deepened our understanding of their needs and wants and how they use our website,” said Susan Brandt. Having this information allowed us to re-design our site and target our media and messaging to be more relevant and compelling to them.”

The quote

Hitwise is a crucial tool for profiling our visitors and allowing us to target our advertising and messaging to them, directly.

Susan Brandt, VP Marketing Communications, Shopzilla

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