Patient Gifting

Helping patients raise money for their medical bills.

In the United States, 61% of all bankruptcies are due to medical bills, and 14% of medical bankruptcies occur because of a sick child. When illness strikes and medical bills become unaffordable for your patients, you can make a difference and promote good will by offering a fundraising tool.

You can help relieve the financial stress of a hospital stay by helping your patients raise money for care.  Patient Gifting is the first integrated medical fundtraising tool that empowers your patients to leverage their social network to contribute toward their medical bills.  Patients create a simple fundraising page from your online business office and share their page via Facebook, Twitter, websites, and email to spread the word. All donations go directly to your hospital’s bank account to pay off the patient’s medical bills.

Patient Gifting is a gift worth giving to your patients and your community.

Key features and benefits

Simplify fundraising

A simple fundraising page from your online business office is created, which patients share via Facebook, Twitter and email to spread word about their need. All donations go directly to the hospital’s bank account to pay medical expenses.

Increase collections, reduce bad debt

With Patient Gifting, you help self-pay patients and those with high-dollar responsibility for care meet their financial obligations. Plus, you help strengthen you organization’s financial position by increasing the likelihood of collecting dollars due.

Help the healing process

Patient Gifting reduces patient stress associated with the cost of care, facilitating their healing and truly making a difference. It’s a level of service that distinguishes your facility as being one that truly cares, not just about the episode, but the quality of patients’ lives. 


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