EMV-ready card acceptance devices

Good things come in small packages

The security of your patients is paramount, and the ability to securely pay for their care not only benefits them, but your organization as well. To help combat fraud, many major credit cards are now equipped with a smart EMV chip, which is tamper-proof, making it nearly impossible to clone and virtually impossible to be fraudulently reused.

Because of the fraud liability shift from credit card issuers to the entity with the lesser technology—healthcare providers in this case—it’s now critical to ensure your organization has EMV-compliant acceptance hardware and/or terminals.

Experian Health has joined forces with AxiaMed and Ingenico to offer the healthcare industry state of the art, EMV-ready card acceptance devices. This alliance has enabled Experian Health to provide a true end-to-end payment solution for all patient payments including credit, debit, ACH and other payment methodologies.

Key features and benefits

Validated point-to-point encryption solution

Standard P2PE is quickly becoming outdated for healthcare payment encryption. Validated point-to-point encryption provides the highest level of protection for patient financial data in transmission and drastically reduces PCI compliance and regulatory audit requirements and costs.  

Flexible and convenient for you and your patients

Securely connected via your Ethernet cable, our devices enable you to accept all existing forms of electronic payment, making payment as simple and easy on your patients as possible. And, its compact design fits neatly into any patient-facing environment.


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AxiaMed, in conjunction with Ingenico, can help our healthcare clients and non-clients through the EMV implementation process no matter what their specific needs are. Utilizing AxiaMed's complete solution allows for a single point of contact for all questions on reconciliation, transaction lookup, hardware fulfillment and support. Complete the form below to get started.