Claim Scrubber for medical groups

Increase and improve claim accuracy, improve cash flow

Claim denials are operational headaches that are costly to cure. It pays to get claims right the first time.

Medical groups devote thousands of dollars per physician per year to interactions with payers—many are the direct result of denied claims. Claim Scrubber helps you submit clean claims every time. Our automated solution reduces undercharges and denials, optimizes your staff time, and improves cash flow.

Key features and benefits

Submit complete and accurate claims

After reviewing each pre-billed claim on a line-by-line basis to ensure it’s properly coded and contains the correct information, Claim Scrubber applies an extensive set of general and payer-specific edits before preparing the claim for processing. That means your claims are error-free before submission to the payer or clearinghouse, so you eliminate undercharges, boost first-time pass through rates, and do away with costly, time-consuming rework.

Get paid faster

Because errors that result in denials or undercharges are identified before claims reach the payer, your operations are more efficient, your AR days are reduced, and your administrative costs stay in check. Fewer denials means your organization gets paid more quickly. When paired with our Contract Manager solution, providers can audit claims before and after remittance. This closed-loop approach results in more timely reimbursement and a healthier bottom line.

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