Experian Health Awarded 2014 Best in KLAS, Patient Access

Case Studies

Emory Healthcare

"With Experian Health, we are easily and accurately able to monitor payer compliance, identify and appeal underpayments, reduce patient bad debt and help boost satisfaction and overall collections through eligibility estimates, ultimately improving overall revenue cycle management processes."

Neurosurgical Associates of San Antonio

"Experian Health has raised the level of expectation for effectively auditing and recovering payments."

Moving Patient Access Forward

With out-of-pocket obligations at an all-time high, healthcare organizations must approach every point of patient access interaction as an opportunity to initiate financial counseling discussions and capture payment. Experian Health’s patient access offerings enable providers to successfully engage patients at the point of service, which ultimately leads to more robust revenue cycle management efforts that result in less risk, increased collections and enhanced patient satisfaction.

Patient Identity Verification

Implement a patient identity management solution that enables patient access staff to validate and correct demographic data during preregistration or check-in.

Precise ID® with FraudNet for healthcare portals

Identify fraud, authenticate patients and validate devices to protect your patients and your organization, while building a bond of mutual trust and meeting regulatory requirements. 

Eligibility and Benefits Verification

Minimize claim rejections and improve collections with an insurance eligibility verification tool that verifies insurance coverage and plan-specific benefits information in batch and real time.

Financial Assistance Screening

Identify self-pay patients who meet financial assistance qualifications for Medicaid, charity programs and other government assistance, and automate the enrollment process to increase patient satisfaction with patient access staff efforts.

Patient Identity Matching Service

Accurately identify and link patient records within and across healthcare systems, allowing departments across an organization to share a single view of the same patient.

Coverage Insights 6055 & 6056

Simplify and streamline compliance reporting for IRS code sections 6055 & 6056.

HIX Screening and Enrollment
Patient Responsibility Pricer

Enable patient access staff to calculate patient financial responsibility quickly and accurately based on the latest eligibility data, payment rules and contract terms.

Propensity to Pay

Get a complete picture of a patient’s likelihood to pay medical bills to provide patient access staff with the tools needed to improve conversations regarding payment.

Open Balance Display

Provide patient access staff with an in-depth financial snapshot of any patient or guarantor, including current and past open balances across numerous facilities, at the point of service.

Payment Plan Advisor

Enhance revenue through customized, data-driven patient payment plans.


Increase collections by processing credit and debit card payments and establishing budget-friendly, automated recurring payment plans.

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