Case Studies

Emory Healthcare

"With Experian Health, we are easily and accurately able to monitor payer compliance, identify and appeal underpayments, reduce patient bad debt and help boost satisfaction and overall collections through eligibility estimates, ultimately improving overall revenue cycle management processes."

Sansum Clinic

"Experian Health is an invaluable asset to Sansum Clinic. Its solutions give us peace of mind that we are collecting accurate payments from both payers and patients in a timely manner — and just as important, we know our revenue cycle is performing at its very best as a result."

Texas Oncology

"The continued level of support that we receive is what really stands out about Experian Health."

Enhance Payer Contract Management to Take Control of the Reimbursement Process

Between changing reimbursement models and a growing number of policy and procedure changes to manage, ensuring timely, accurate payment from payers has never been more challenging. Address payer contract management challenges with Experian Health claims and contract management products and consultative services. Take control of your revenue cycle management with proven, analytically driven tools and powerful insight for maximizing revenue, accelerating payment and strengthening payer relationships.

Claim Scrubber

Validate the accuracy of medical claims prior to submission, reduce denials, and improve first-time pass-through rates to improve revenue cycle management.

Contract Management and Analysis

Monitor payer compliance with contract terms, uncover underpayments, and negotiate better performing contracts with a comprehensive payer contract management process.

Payer Alerts

Monitor payer policy and procedure changes daily from hundreds of payers to minimize the impact on the bottom line.

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