Credit Bureau Expertise

In today's highly competitive markets, lenders need to ensure that they are making the right credit decisions.

Why Choose Experian?

Mike Herman, Ford Credit Europe: 'Their innovative products and services enable us to access the data and interpret it quickly and consistently.'

Experian’s Bureau Formula

Our approach to the development of a credit bureau is to harness the power of the data that is available in each market.

The Experian Bureau Solution

A credit bureau system needs to be tailored to the market and legal requirements relevant to the country where the solution is to be deployed.

Value Added Products

Value added products are available to exploit the potential of the bureau data.

Customer Management

This is Experian's bureau behavioral score, which assists lenders in a whole range of decision making processes - from considering whether to offer existing customers further credit facilities to handling arrears. An individual's repayment history with other lenders and other behavioral factors, such as recent credit search activity, are highly predictive of future behavior.

Delphi for Customer Management

DCM is a credit bureau behavioural scoring solution developed to support customer/account management strategies. It has been designed to assist lenders in a whole range of decision making processes, from considering whether to offer existing customers further credit facilities to handling arrears.

Risk Triggers

Experian's Risk Triggers are designed to improve a lender's ability to respond to key credit-related activity, in a timely manner. This solution will monitor the credit bureau for significant events - events that might be symptomatic to increasing risk and are likely to influence the lender's decision making process. For example, a lender may wish to change the customer's limits when they are notified of a missed payment with another lender. The portfolio monitoring solution then generates a series of Triggers from these events. Each lender can decide which Triggers are most important to them and select to receive only these triggers on a daily basis.

The risk triggers system will add the lender's own accounts to the portfolios to be monitored directly from their CAIS data feed. The solution will then make the new events available to the lenders within a secure, specific web-based solution, where the users can browse as well as download the new data.

Portfolio Benchmarking

Market and Portfolio benchmarking service allows bureau subscribers to strategically review and compare their customer portfolio with others in their market, providing insight to inform customer portfolio strategies for the period of the planning cycle.

Portfolio benchmarking  provides a view of the market penetration, ranking on Activity, Delinquency, Attrition and outstanding balance. It then sets the context of market delinquency rates at age by vintage.

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