Make better, more insightful credit decisions and create greater value from customer relationships by more accurately predicting behavior

Enhance and improve:

Risk management

Prescreen processes

Recovery opportunities


Tap into a comprehensive suite of credit risk scores to improve your strategic decision-making across the customer lifecycle

Detect potential bankruptcy risks in acquisitions and account management processes. Leverage broad credit risk models to predict delinquency on any type of account.

Identify which customer accounts show the greatest potential for recovery to minimize your losses.

Combine your consumer and commercial data with bureau data to build high-performing, custom credit risk models that become the cornerstones of your credit decisions. Simplify the evaluation of existing strategies so you can react quickly to changes in your portfolios, your business, or the market.



Lower your customer acquisition costs and reduce risk by targeting credit-worthy consumers.


Automate your decisioning process and improve turnaround time using uniform variables driven by your data.


Simplify the evaluation of existing strategies to react quickly to changes in your portfolios, business, or the market.


Predict the likelihood of future bankruptcies on any type of account within 24 months.


Confidently increase and decrease credit limits to offer new products or flag accounts for action.


Leverage advanced scorecard segmentation to provide lift in bankruptcy risk prediction.

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