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What is credential stuffing?

Credential stuffing is when fraudsters create programs that attempt to use large numbers of stolen credentials to log into a client’s web-based services. This type of fraud is on the rise due to the high volume of credentials that are compromised through data breaches each year and made available for use, as well as consumers reusing usernames and passwords across online platforms.

Why is it important to monitor for credential stuffing?

When credential stuffing attacks are successful they lead to account takeover attacks. According to Aite, account takeover losses are the number one reported source of losses in the digital channel and nearly 20% occur in the mobile channel.

Don’t have a fraud analytics team in house? Leverage our highly trained fraud analysts to uncover suspicious events that might otherwise go unnoticed and detect credential stuffing attacks fast.

Device Intelligence

Realtime, tagless, and cookieless. Stay ahead of potential fraudsters while protecting your customer experience.

Risk engine

Highly configurable, strategy-driven risk model to help your business target fraud patterns.

Model management

Manage model rules, rule scores, or rule actions at any time to meet business needs.

Case management

Enable investigators to search for and manage a queue of suspect events for further review.

Link analysis

Automate post-forensic analysis to identify fraud related to a confirmed bad event.

Custom thresholds

Determine how your business wants to identify fraudsters attempting to access accounts from the same device.

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