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Product Overview

Watch a brief overview of Tallyman collections software. 


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Tallyman Collection Management Software

Increase cash flow while minimizing operational costs with Experian's collection management software.

A robust collections management system that automates and streamlines the collections work stream process, Tallyman enables clients to execute strategies that maximize resource performance and cash flow, while minimizing overhead and outsourcing costs.

  • Maximize resource productivity and effectiveness
  • Empower collectors with dynamically controlled advice and context-sensitive screens, refreshed in real-time
  • Manage expenses with automated tools, including a module to monitor external accounts
  • Use champion-challenger capabilities to test variants such as workflows, campaigns, scripting, letter text and segmentation strategies
  • Implement change management initiatives within hours or days
  • Deliver timely, consistent and relevant messaging to customers
Resource Management

Legacy collections systems make it difficult to keep up with rapidly changing environments and business objectives. Tallyman automates and streamlines the collections process, enabling collectors to focus on tasks that benefit from human intervention.

Operational Management

Improve bottom-line financials through comprehensive management reporting and dash-boarding, monitoring operations in both batch and real-time.

Strategic Approach

Tallyman delivers cutting-edge features and functions that enable business users to take a strategic approach to financial success. With advanced reporting and champion / challenger capabilities, Tallyman promotes a continuous learning environment where collections professionals can design, implement, evaluate and enhance improvements throughout the operational work stream.


With over 25 years of collections expertise as an organization, Tallyman consultants and support staff ensure that maximum benefit is realized. Collections experts are involved from implementation through support processes to ensure client success and substantial ROI benefits.

Improved Customer Experience

Delivering timely, consistent and relevant messaging to consumers can be a challenge, particularly when the entire relationship is not considered in the collections process. Tallyman enables collectors and automates treatments to consider the risk and exposure a customer poses in the evaluation process, significantly improving decisions and negotiations.

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