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Checking your Credit Report regularly can help you make good financial decisions and detect signs of identity theft early. View your Credit Report from Experian anytime to understand how you might look to a lender.

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When you order your $1 Credit report and FICO® Score 8, you will begin your 7-day trial membership in Experian CreditWorksSM. If you don’t cancel your membership within the 7-day trial period, you will be billed $21.95 for each month that you continue your membership. You may easily cancel your trial membership online anytime within the trial period without charge.

*Credit score calculated based on FICO® Score 8 model. Your lender or insurer may use a different FICO® Score than FICO® Score 8, or another type of credit score altogether. Learn more.

Why get your Credit Report from Experian?

See your latest credit information

See the same type of information that lenders see when requesting your credit.

Your Credit Report captures financial information that lenders use to determine your creditworthiness. This includes the type of credit accounts, current balances, payment history, and any derogatory items you may have. You will also get a summary of your account totals, total debt, and personal information.

Stay up-to-date

Get an updated Experian Credit Report every day when you sign into your account.

Information in your Credit Report is frequently being added, updated or deleted. Account information is typically updated every month, and each account may be updated on different days. If a public record is filed — a civil judgment, tax lien, or bankruptcy — a record of the filing may take a month or more to appear.

Live customer support

Learn what a Credit Report is, and how it plays a valuable role in your financial life.

You’ll gain access to valuable resources like toll-free customer support available seven days a week, educational articles to help you learn about credit, and helpful credit offers tailored to your profile, so that if you’re looking to take your credit to the next level, you can proceed with confidence.

No credit card required

Your Experian Credit Report is completely free with no credit card required and no hidden fees.

At Experian, we’re passionate about helping you move forward with your credit. That’s why it makes sense to ensure you have free access to your Experian Credit Report so you always know what your credit says about you.

This offer does not include a free Credit Score.

Credit Report basics

What is a Credit Report?

Your personal Credit Report contains details about your identity and displays certain financial behaviors. This set of data is sometimes also referred to as a credit file or a credit history. Experian collects and organizes data from creditors, lenders and public records.

Why is my Credit Report important?

Your Credit Report provides information for lenders and others about how you make payments, your current and past credit mix, and whether your accounts are (or have been) in good standing. This information can help determine the terms you’re offered when you seek out new or more credit.

How often is my Credit Report updated?

In general, creditors send information to the credit reporting agencies on a monthly basis, but the day of the month that the organization sends its updates varies. Different creditors submit information throughout the month, which then shows on your Credit Report.

What is included in a Credit Report?
  • Personal identifying information: Your full name along with variations that have been used, current and past addresses, date of birth, social security numbers and its variations, and employer information
  • Accounts: Revolving credit and/or installment loans including account status, contact information, credit limits or loan amounts, recent payments, and individual or joint responsibility
  • Payment information: Monthly payment information on all accounts
  • Public records: Including bankruptcies, tax liens, and civil judgments
  • Debts: Debts owed on all accounts including mortgages, credit cards, and auto loans
  • Hard inquiries: Every time you apply for credit, a “hard inquiry” is placed on your Credit Report
  • Negative information: Including late payments, collections, settled accounts, repossession or voluntary surrender, charge offs, and other derogatory items

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