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Data Privacy Day is January 28th

We all enjoy the world of information, entertainment and convenience the Internet and digital communications have to offer. As consumers, we spend hours surfing, shopping, playing games and communicating with one another. But while there is much to appreciate about our increasingly connected world, its advantages do not come without risks. That’s one reason why Data Privacy Day was born.

On January 28th, Data Privacy Day is celebrated in the United States, Canada and 127 European countries in an effort to generate awareness and promote discussion about data privacy and protection. As we are empowered by today’s technologies, we need to understand the importance of securing and protecting our personal information online.

ProtectMyIDTM is dedicated to just this goal. Identity theft is the most common consumer fraud complaint in the United States, affecting more than 11 million Americans per year.1 Online data breach and online identity theft are among the fastest-growing forms of identity theft. ProtectMyID provides powerful tools to help you protect your identity and personal information — from your Social Security and credit card numbers to your health insurance information.

With so much of our information stored online, Data Privacy Day explores issues that affect us all — from medical privacy to mobile data and social networking sites. We encourage you to take part in the discussion to examine how we can enjoy everything the digital age has to offer while ensuring that our personal information is not misused.

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