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Make Cyber Security a Daily Priority

From day to day, the rewards of the digital age typically overshadow the risks. That is, until a scam, virus or other malicious attack puts your computer or identity in danger.

Cyber crimes can extensively damage your computer or other devices and rob you of personal information. That’s why it’s important to use security software and be cautious. By doing so, you can protect the investment you’ve made in your computer equipment as well as your overall finances and identity.

Cyber crimes cost computer users in the United States nearly $560 million in 2009 alone.1 Cyber security is your main line of defense. Be sure you are well equipped with anti-virus software, a firewall, an updated operating system and a file-backup system. With new cyber threats constantly emerging, security is an ongoing battle.

Think before you:

Viruses and Trojan Horses, which criminals use to takeover computers, often need your help to activate and infect your computer. Disguised as a video, attachment or link, these malware (malicious code) programs download to your computer once you click on a targeted link.

Once information goes online, it stays online. Each and every one of your search terms links back to your computer’s IP (Internet protocol) address through your browser, so be careful what you type.

Be wary of websites that ask for more information than is really needed to set up an account or conduct a transaction. Also be careful not to over share on social networking sites. A recent study by the Ponemon Institute indicates a lack of concern for security.2 Be sure you use privacy controls to limit access to your personal information on all networking sites.

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