Maximize the growth of your business' revenue and profit

During times when the economy is booming, understanding how to maximize the growth of your business' revenue and profit can help you gain market share, but when our economy is facing crisis, it becomes the critical difference that determines business survival.

Key decisions such as these will determine whether your business grows:

  • Which regions or countries should you invest in?
  • Which products and services should your business offer or tailor to the market?
  • Which customers should you target?
  • Which channels should you use and how can you maximize them?
The challenge is how to gain insight to the current market and predict future trends

Markets never stand still, particularly in an age where developments in technology mean trends and channels to market change rapidly. Additionally we know that customers change, whether it's their circumstances, needs and preferences, the channels they use, or their buying behavior. Competitors change; they change their offerings and their target segments, and this can impact their market presence. The operating environment changes due to regulation, political climate, technology and a host of social and economic factors.

The result is that factual information on the market can often be inaccurate, incomplete or costly to collate. Even when you have managed to develop a cohesive picture of the market, how do you know what intelligence is important and whether it has implications for your business?

Experian® can help you:

Assess your performance and position – within the market and relative to your closest competitors. We can give you a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses by providing you with analysis on how aware your target market is of your brand, your competitive positioning, your level of penetration amongst customer segments, your customer acquisition and retention, and the scale of your businesses bad debt.

Identify the most important factors that influence you now and those that will have an impact later – by pinpointing the primary drivers for change in your market and the trends they produce. We also can give you an understanding of how these trends are impacting the market and bring insight to the associated risks, challenges and opportunities for your business.

Predict and plan for the future – our specialist team provides forecasts on the economy, business sectors, labor market and consumer behavior in order to help you predict and prepare for changes in market demand and risk, under a variety of scenarios. Our suite of forecasting products includes country, industry and consumer forecasts. We also conduct bespoke forecasts for detailed sectors or customer segments.

Make better strategic and tactical decisions – by building on this view of the market, we can advise you on business strategy, investment decisions, store and branch location planning, credit granting strategy, and marketing strategy.

We offer tailored solutions for financial services, telecoms, retail, utilities, insurance, public sector, automotive, healthcare and manufacturing.

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