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How does Experian protect me?

Experian's fraud protection practices

We strive to protect your credit information with the following practices:

  • We drop several digits from each of your credit account numbers on your personal credit report.
  • We do not display on your personal credit report the Social Security number that you provided to us when you requested your report.
  • We build sophisticated fraud products to assure the integrity of our credit database and to protect consumers and creditors.
  • We continually monitor access to our database with sophisticated software, so that if unusual activity occurs, our security and fraud control department investigates immediately.
  • We work with law enforcement authorities to catch fraud criminals.
  • We require a business to designate a permissible purpose under federal law before they can access consumer credit information.
  • We follow extensive procedures to assure that we accept only reputable businesses as our customers.
  • We build extensive barriers to prevent computer hackers from accessing consumer credit data.