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Personal Credit Report

  Our Process

Experian believes that we can best assist consumers who have reviewed a copy of their personal credit reports directly from us. Only Experian can provide a full disclosure of all the information you are entitled to see under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. In addition, when you obtain a report directly from us, we provide a notice of your rights under the FCRA. If you would like to learn about ways to obtain a copy of your Personal Credit Report, or to get other information, you can visit experian.com/help.This link opens a new browser window

If you have a report number, you can use our online dispute service or call us at 1 800 493 1058. If you do not have a report number, you can submit disputes and supporting documentation at experian.com/uploadSelect this link to submit your dispute and supporting documents at experian.com/upload or write to us at P.O. Box 4500, Allen, TX 75013.