Bills seem too high? It’s probably because they are.

Bill NegotiatorΨ could lower your bills for you, so you can enjoy the savings without the hassle. Get a free Experian® account to start.

ΨResults may vary. Some may not receive negotiated discounts or savings.

Same bills, lower rates

Save $204 per yearφ

The average user could save hundreds of dollars on bills without ever picking up the phone.

Avoid unlimited headaches

Experian will do the negotiation for you to help you save money and time. There’s no risk.

No savings? No charge.

Our service is 100% free if we can’t lower your bills. If we do lower them, we keep our one-time fee simple.

How it works

After signing up for a free Experian account, you’ll:

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    Upload your bills.
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    Let us negotiate for you.
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    Enjoy your savings!
upload your bill or connect your account. Drop your document, or browse.
your estimated savings for the year.
Completed negotiations


  • In a nutshell: You could save money without going through the stressful process of negotiating with your bill providers—which could include multiple rounds of calling, holding and getting disconnected. Plus, seasoned negotiators know what to say and ask for to maximize your savings.

  • Absolutely. We use bank-level SSL security encryption to make sure your data is safe when you connect to your bill provider’s website or upload your bills. It’s our top priority.

  • No. Our model is simple, straightforward and designed to help you reduce your monthly costs. If we can save you money, your bills are lowered (yay!) and we take a percentage of the amount we saved you. If we can’t, you’re only out the 5 or so minutes it took to upload your bills.

  • You’re only charged if we can negotiate savings on your bills, period. If we do score you savings, you keep 60% of them and we take 40% as a one-time fee to cover our expenses (like paying the negotiator who worked on your behalf).

    For example, if we save you $240 on an annual bill plan, we’d charge $96—a total savings for you of $144, after our fee. If you pay the bill monthly and divide your $144 total savings by 12 for your yearly plan, that’s a savings of $12 per month!

  • If a negotiation is successful, we’ll charge you 1–3 days after your negotiation is complete.

  • Negotiation typically takes 3–7 business days.

  • Negotiated prices last 12 or 24 months, depending on your service contract. We may also negotiate a one-time credit on your next bill.

φConsumers saved an average of $204 between 01/01/20 and 12/31/20.

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