Line Management AttributesSM

Capture credit limit decreases

Line Management AttributesSM allow you to unlock the power of trended data to manage prospects and customers across the credit life cycle and gain an unprecedented market view into credit line decreases that have happened over the last 24 months.

Market Intelligence

Lenders can learn if competitors are decreasing their customers' credit limits and gain insight into why a consumer’s limit was reduced.

These 56 attributes identify the number of proactive or reactive line decreases in multiple time periods over the past 24 months.

Utilize this information to understand how others are managing credit limits for your customers or prospects and better understand their risk level.

Experian Trended Data Solutions

Understanding consumers’ past behavior is crucial to understanding their credit preferences and their potential risks and for developing a strategy for the future. Enhance the profitability of your portfolio with the power of trended data.

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