Leveraging Advanced Segmentation to Improve ROI

Experian, in conjunction with First Manhattan Consulting Group (FMCG), has developed a new generation of category-specific campaign targeting and tailoring tools for financial services marketers seeking to improve the performance of their campaigns. Financial Personalities® is the only campaign targeting and tailoring system of its kind in the marketplace today.

For more than 25 years, FMCG, one of the premier financial services consulting firms, has been building state-of-the-art segmentation frameworks and campaign targeting and tailoring tools for leading financial services marketers. Each Financial Personality® framework is based on the needs and attitudes that drive consumer behavior (e.g., provider selection, product selection, product usage, provider loyalty) within specific categories (e.g., deposits, home equity, credit card).

Historically, these powerful campaign tools were available only to the largest financial services companies because of the expense to develop and maintain them. Now, after several years of joint collaboration, Experian is pleased to present the first commercially available suite of targeting and tailoring tools that leverage these category-specific Financial Personality frameworks:

  • Financial Personality scores for use in campaign targeting and/or tailoring across a broad range of channels, e.g., branch, direct mail, Internet, phone, print and television
  • Direct-mail responder scores (powered by Financial Personalities) for use specifically in campaign targeting within the direct-mail channel

These scores are now available for the following categories:

  • Credit card
  • Deposits
  • Home equity
  • Mortgage
  • Personal lines and loans
Direct Marketers Can Leverage Consumer Insights

Many conventional segmentation schemes start with demographics or implied life stages and then attempt to infer relevant insights about consumers. In contrast, Financial Personalities starts with primary research to derive the critical insights regarding consumer needs, attitudes and behaviors:

  • Relevancy of the category and product
  • Awareness and consideration by type of provider
  • Shopping process and criteria for selecting providers and products
  • Preferred channel(s) for interacting with current and potential providers
  • Likelihood to use each product and expected balances, and outstandings
  • Expected tenure and receptivity to alternative providers
Improve Campaign Performance

With Financial Personality scores, marketers are able to improve:

  • Targeting consumers who are more likely to respond to marketing campaigns
  • Targeting consumers who will generate higher profits by virtue of their product usage and tenure
  • Aligning target-relevant products
  • Tailoring messaging that will resonate with targets

We believe that marketers who leverage Financial Personalities have significant strategic and tactical advantages.

Get Better and Faster Prospect Information

Leverage Experian’s database technology, which has been transforming the way lenders access and analyze consumer intelligence to make informed credit-based decisions. Experian’s market-leading Customer Prospecting and Portfolio ServicesSM system — a sophisticated relational database credit-marketing platform — provides fresh data, fast processing, robust analysis and great decisioning flexibility.

We have developed this information technology platform, which is updated twice weekly to help you improve prospect response rates and reduce adverse selection of noncreditworthy customers. Clients can enhance marketing performance while eliminating time-consuming handoffs and costly in-house model development.

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