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Gain a complete view of financial behavior for both thick- and thin-file consumers with alternative financial services data.

Alternative financial services data is essential and supplemental to include in lending strategies and decisioning. Experian owns the largest alternative financial services specialty bureau, Clarity Services, which gives financial institutions access to unique insights on more than 62 million U.S. consumers. These consumers relay on alternative finance such as small-dollar installment loans (online and brick-and-mortar), point-of-sale financing, rent-to-own and auto-title loans. The data provides more insight into full and thin-file consumers which drives greater visibility and transparency around inquiry and payment behaviors for lenders.

Approximately 25 percent of U.S. consumers are considered “thin file” because they have fewer than five items in their traditional credit histories. These people often face significant obstacles in obtaining credit. Adding in information such as alternative finance data may give these consumers more access to credit.

Clear Early Risk Score

Experian has an innovative score to bring lenders an unprecedented lens into consumer financial behavior across the full U.S. lending spectrum. The score combines Experian’s leading traditional credit attributes, Premier AttributesSM, with data from Experian’s proprietary alternative credit data attributes to predice a consumer’s creditworthiness over 12 months. This expanded insight for lenders can translate into improved access to credit for responsible borrowers.

Clear View Attributes

Clear View AttributesTM provides a comprehensive view of a consumer’s use of alternative financial services, a growing market including providers such as auto financers, installment lenders (online and brick-and-mortar), small-dollar credit lenders, auto title lenders and more. Featuring more than 1,600 attributes that are FCRA-regulated, this comprehensive product features trade and fraud inquiry.

Increased visibility on untapped market

More data points from the alternative financial services space can aid in confident decisions. Gaining more insights to fuel decisions which can improve overall creditworthiness of consumers.

Fraud prevention

Powerful information from alternative financial services data sources can help lenders identify applicants who are unlikely to pay due to fraudulent intentions.


Alternative finance attributes can be used in underwriting for decisioning nonprime consumers. Merging alternative financial services data with traditional credit data gives more accurate decisions on consumers who otherwise may have been declined.

Prospect marketing

Alternative finance data can be used to enrich batch prospecting decisioning criteria to identify better qualified prospects. Identify consumers who will be more responsive, while also managing incremental risk. Find universe expansion opportunities with a more complete view of consumers.

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Alternative credit data can help you grow your portfolio and gain access to the growing $140 billion alternative financial services industry. Lending today and growth for tomorrow demands decisioning redefined. This data can get you there. Power up your growth strategy to expand your lending universe without additional risk.

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Clear View Attributes

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