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Discover how consulting services can help your organization strengthen your credit risk management strategies and processes, across the customer life cycle.

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Experian’s business consultants provide clients with exceptional strategic insight into credit and fraud risk management , detailed enhancement opportunities, and deployment strategies. They ensure consistency through deep business subject matter expertise, client familiarity and a proven client engagement methodology.

Our business consultants have deep knowledge of data, analytics and software and demonstrated the ability to synthesize this intelligence with the deep understanding of credit management principles and practices to solve our clients complex business needs across industries that span different business sizes and market stages.

  • Business Review and Process Improvement
  • The aim of our business review services is to provide an independent review of our client’s strategy and operational processes, drawing upon our expertise to identify potential areas for improvement. In our experience, the review of the business process enables quick win improvements to be made to increase the profitability of the business.

  • Strategy Planning
  • Our strategy review and design services will assess the effectiveness and impacts of current strategies and provide a performance analysis and recommended action plan with detailed impact on EBIT. Our practical advice, guidance and hands on design and review of our client’s customer decision segmentation strategies across the customer life cycle – prospecting and originations, customer management, collection strategies, fraud management.

  • Regulatory and Policy Compliance
  • Our risk and compliance services help financial services and other organizations satisfy regulation and internal policy compliance. Whether complying with regulatory requirements, addressing a single key risk, or working toward a holistic risk management strategy, we help our clients use compliance as a source of competitive advantage.

  • Fraud Consulting
  • Our fraud consulting services provide clients with both operational and analytic assessments of current strategy effectiveness that include benchmarking analysis, validation studies, and profile and strategy analysis to derive specific recommendations based on changes in business, economic or market conditions.

  • Analytics and Product Consulting
  • Experian’s consulting teams offer a wide range of services from strategy consulting provided by our Global Consulting Practice to custom analytics to decision system support. Our consultants work with our clients to enable a best practice environment for high-performing analytical-based decisions to drive and sustain dramatic growth.


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