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Business Review and Process Improvement

Experian® has a deep understanding of the dynamics of credit risk and a proven methodology for increasing profitability by improving credit quality. Through its partnership with some of the world’s largest financial institutions, the Global Consulting Practice can leverage global best practices to solve business challenges.

The aim of our services is to provide an independent review of our clients strategy and operational processes, drawing upon our expertise to identify potential areas for improvement. In our experience, the review of the business process enables quick win improvements to be made to increase the business's profitability and achievable long-term initatives to be planned out appropriately.

Benefits our clients have realized through a business review include:

  • Launch new products on time within a short time frame 
  • Diagnose root causes of increase in bad debt and reverse trend to substantially increase recoveries 
  • Achieve operational efficiency with fewer IT resources and a net reduction in labor costs
  • Evaluate key lending processes to understand a rule's impact on both resources and technologies
  • Satisfy risk and regulatory requirements

Examples of recent business review services include:

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