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Field marketing with Outbound DirectSM

Outbound DirectSM, empowers geographically dispersed sales and field marketing representatives to deliver consistently branded and measurable, yet highly personalized emails to local clients and prospects.

To thrive in the digital marketing industry, progressive brands must create a seamless customer experience – across territories, regions and channels. Outbound Direct drives brand consistency down to the local level, by arming field sales and marketing staff with the tools and templates they need to send personalized, timely messages to customers, while simultaneously giving them the ability to track the results of their communications.


“Outbound Direct not only allows us to ensure everything our field marketing representatives send complies with our corporate branding; it helps them develop a strong rapport and ongoing dialogue with their local client base. In addition, the tool is extremely user-friendly and intuitive so adoption and usage rates are high.”

Easy to use, and easy to manage

Outbound Direct boasts a user-friendly interface and one-click template selection so that creative is brand-consistent. Replies to the email go directly to the sender, and contact information is automatically displayed – making email communications easier, measurable and more effective for marketers needing to drive results and brand consistency across a geographically dispersed sales team.

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