How CheetahMail moves marketing forward:

Display advertising

Retarget your email customers through relevant display advertising by Audience IQ.
Email retargeting through relevant display advertising by Audience IQ.

CheetahMail is the only provider to empower your email marketing campaigns with email retargeting through relevant display advertising. With our Audience IQ product, you can customize display ads in such a way that the messaging lines up with your email, mobile and social campaigns, or you can target existing customers with retention-based messages. Audience IQ can also work behind the scenes on your own website to deliver customized web experiences that improve engagement rates.

Easily reach email subscribers that received your most recent email message but didn’t convert with email retargeting. What if you could target those non-converters with relevant display advertising on the web? Easily build off of your email message, reinforce your offer and campaign strategy, and provide another opportunity to stay top-of-mind and on-message. Now your ad dollars are being spent wisely on a specific audience that has already indicated their interest in your brand.

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