Gain deeper insights into consumer behavior

While traditional credit attributes provide valuable information on a consumer at a given point in time, Trended 3D™ attributes analyze a consumer’s behavior over time. With more than 2,000 attributes across dozens of industries, Trended 3D attributes unlock insight into consumer credit patterns that help you better manage portfolio risk and determine next best actions.

Enhance your decisioning across the customer life cycle

Reveal patterns

Get a more accurate view of consumer behavior by measuring the rate of change over time.

Improve customer experience

Increase customer loyalty by applying the best treatment at the right time based on each individual’s specific needs.

Build better models

Improve predictive performance of custom models by understanding the trajectory of a consumer’s spending and payment patterns.




Make more strategic and data-driven decisions

Lift the predictive performance of your risk and credit recovery models with Trended 3D attributes.


Gain the in-depth expertise you need to accurately interpret trended data

Learn how Trended 3D attributes can help you optimize all your decisioning strategies

Trended 3D attributes can help you

  • Reduce risk in your portfolio by identifying consumers with early-warning indicators. 
  • Understand credit line usage for improved offer refinement.  
  • Identify a prospect’s propensity to transfer balances and consolidate loans.
  • Enhance segmentation strategies and fine-tune decisions for consumers who fall near your score cutoffs.   
  • Ensure compliance while proactively managing credit lines. 
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