Recession readiness

Strategies for today to prepare your business for the next economic correction.

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While it's been over 10 years since the Great Recession, and the U.S. economy is strong, financial industry experts anticipate the economy may turn as soon as 2020.

By steadying their portfolios through loan diversification, strengthening collections capabilities and increasing capacity in advance of the inevitable next economic correction, lenders can proactively evaluate and act on countercyclical economic moves.

The Next Big One

The next economic downturn isn't a matter of if, but when. Engage preemptive recession readiness strategies to stabilize your portfolio today and minimize negative impact tomorrow.

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Get recession ready with these easy-to-implement solutions:

Stress test using advanced analytics, attributes and software                                          

Recession Proofing for Business

Maximize your objectives with data-driven analytics.

Catch early stage delinquents with trended data solutions and triggers

Recession Proofing Small Business

Turn on Triggers to monitor early-stage delinquencies before they become a problem.

Arm your collections department with a digital-first collections platform

Effects of Recession on Business

Increase collections ROI without upping headcount.

Are you a consumer?

The Great Recession impacted us all in different ways. Make sure you're prepared for the economy's next change and ensure your credit score accurately represents your positive payment behavior with Experian® Boost™. Results may vary, see for details.


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