Complimentary Webinar

Risk-Based Pricing Rule

Join Experian experts and learn how to comply with the new Risk-Based Pricing requirements.  Understand the rule's impact on your business and anticipate consumer questions and challenges before they arise.

State of Credit

Improve the Bottom Line and Reduce Risk

Experian’s credit data services help businesses establish quality accounts, reduce credit risk and improve the bottom line at each phase of business development. We have the analytical and decision tools you need to strategically target your highest-potential customers. With the right credit data at the right time, you can retain and grow your profitable customers while safeguarding your portfolio from those who are at risk.

Credit Data Services for New Accounts

Experian® has a wealth of consumer and business credit information and data available to help you make more effective customer acquisition decisions. Use predictive credit scores to quickly and reliably target and approve prospects that offer higher profitability and lower credit risk. Understanding the revenue and risk potential of a new account gives you a better foundation for long-term profitable customer relationships.

The majority of business fraud today is the work of highly sophisticated international crime organizations. They pose a real and growing threat to your profitability, attacking your system at its weakest point. Experian offers comprehensive tools to combat credit application fraud.

Credit Data Services for Existing Accounts

Existing customers are your most valuable assets. The ability to capture a 360-degree view of their credit activities will open the door to additional credit needs or purchasing opportunities, which in turn will build trust and increase customer loyalty.

Experian is the first to offer nationally updated daily notification of credit inquiries and trades, giving you more power than ever to proactively protect and expand your customer relationships. By identifying and responding to customer credit needs, you can not only retain your best customers, but also spot opportunities for building the kinds of relationships that drive profits.

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