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Facing today's reality with yesterday's resources? Making a change is not as hard as it used to be. Learn more about BusinessIQ.

It’s a New Era in Credit Management

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Experian is proud to announce BusinessIQSM, a sophisticated, new Web-based portal that combines our expertise with your best credit practices in one central online location. View this short video to get a demonstration of how BusinessIQ will help you advance your business. 

Today’s economic challenges call for a new level of sophistication in your credit operations —
and yesterday’s risk-management tools no longer suffice.

This advanced Web-based portal delivers comprehensive business credit tools that let you manage your entire customer portfolio from the time a credit application is received through the collection of delinquent accounts.

  • Find businesses more efficiently
  • Proactive alerts keep you in the know
  • Elevate your decisions
  • Streamline collections and get paid

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