How can small businesses best use mobile marketing?

Ninety three percent of adults own a mobile phone, and by utilizing mobile marketing, this could be your portal into connecting with your customers. Your customers may be receptive to text messaging deals and use their smartphones to look up new businesses and discounts.

When clients browse the web for different stores, the first turn-off is a website that isn’t cell phone compatible. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile navigation. Keep your site simple so it’s easier to use, especially on a phone. This will make customers more likely to continue browsing or shopping. It’s important to grab your customers’ attention right away and make a good impression before they decide to move onto a competitor’s site.

Offering personalized online or mobile promotions have potential for a great response. QR codes should be utilized so you can provide a discount for your customers to easily pull up on their phone for you to scan. Text messaging deals can set up a communication chain that your customers will receive quickly and have accessible most of the time.

Keep in mind the frequency of your mobile messages so as not to be bothersome. Be sure to keep messages short yet creative. Create a sense of urgency to act on your deals by a certain deadline to get your customers out to your business. Most importantly, respect your customers who are willing to share their mobile information with you. You can create a sense of trust and dependability through mobile messages.

People are always using their phones, so they can be a captive audience for your advertising or Internet outreach. Small businesses can start by communicating with their customers and asking permission to interact with through their phone number. From there, with moderation, mobile advertising can be highly effective.



The 2013 Digital Marketer – Experian