Why is it important to append your data?

In order to get the most bang for your buck, it is important to know all as much as possible about your customers’ demographics, behavior, interests and preferences. Blindly sending out advertisements to all prospects and customers is expensive and ineffective.

More than 80 percent of organizations have incomplete databases, and appending you data is the most cost-effective way to discover new prospects and learn more about existing customers’ needs.

With Experian’s Custom Append service, consumer and prospect lists can be uploaded, and Experian® will match the file to ConsumerView, our industry leading database of more than 235 million consumers and 113 million households. This will enhance the file by adding demographics based on the Bundle Package chosen or Custom Bundle created.

You can pick the type of information you want of the following offerings:

Demographics: zip code, gender, age range, income range, marital status, presence of children, home ownership, home value, length of residence, business owner, home business, net worth ranges, education, occupation

Behavioral data: pet enthusiast, do-it-yourself enthusiast, gives to charities, active and inactive military, purchase through mail, active investors, interest in fitness

Mosaic® Lifestyle segments: More than 70 different classifications, including categories like Picture Perfect Families and Fast Track Couples

Appending your data provides you with the most comprehensive and complete dataset to help you target customers most specifically and effectively based off their needs.