How does Experian’s Mortgage Database work?

Property managers, real estate agents, banks and credit unions can find great benefit from Experian’s Mortgage Database to help them find leads and better understand their customers and prospects in the area. The list makes it easier to target prospects for refinancing, home-equity products or second mortgages before competitors.

Experian® gathers the most commonly requested mortgage data from public records to help reach this highly-targetable market. The Mortgage Database provides access to information about home purchases and mortgage transactions. Experian uses data models to provide information useful for predicting prospects’ behavior. For example, we can predict how much the monthly mortgage payment for a living unit is, or how much equity is in a home.

Information from this database includes mortgage, geographic and investment selects, ranging from providing data on prospects’ counties, prevailing interest rates, investment loan types and investment refinance terms- to name a few. This wide variety of data on refinancing and mortgages can be merged in order to provide a comprehensive picture of what the homeowners in the area look like.

Experian® does all the work necessary to organize data in order to make better loan decisions. Looking for second mortgage and refinance prospects is easy through the Mortgage Database, especially combined with our refinancing information in order to help banks and credit unions find the most targetable and responsive audiences.

This list provides the best chance for successful marketing from call centers to online leads and helps banks, savings and loans, credit unions and mortgage originators maximize the return on their investment and make the best loan choices.