Why is the New Homeowner Database becoming more popular?

Experian’s New Homeowner Database offers small businesses the opportunity to target a highly profitable market that is actively looking to make purchases. This database is becoming more popular because our customers are finding that they can get their name out to new clients in the neighborhood before their competition does.

Direct-mail marketing campaigns prove to be a highly effective advertising technique that allows businesses to contact target customers in their neighborhoods with tailored messages to achieve the optimal response. New homeowners are especially open to this type of marketing because they need help finding new services and businesses in the area.

When a new homeowner moves into the neighborhood, they are ready to start to developing long-lasting relationships with local businesses. They are trying to find stores and services to make them feel more comfortable in the neighborhood, ranging from child care services to lawn maintenance and healthcare, as well as looking to purchase items to furnish their new homes.
Through the New Homeowner Database, small businesses can target the most recent homeowner additions in their area every month through collected real estate leads and mortgage information. This information can be narrowed down based on target demographics that help small businesses contact the most ideal customers.

Experian receives its data from the county records, which takes some time to process but Experian strives to provide the most up-to-date, timely records before most other companies receive this information. The scope and size of this database with more than two million entries gives small businesses comprehensive, fresh information to help them stand out to their customers.

With the sale of new homes at its highest rate in five years, report, new homeowners are a growing group that proves to be a very responsive and profitable market – they purchase more in their first six months than established home owners do in a two-year time span.

Experian Marketing Services is seeing the New Homeowner Database continue to grow in popularity and appeal to small businesses because of its access to a new target audience with special purchasing needs, stronger creditworthiness and above average incomes.