What should you be posting on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter?

What is everyone talking about? Being involved in social media marketing, doesn’t mean you should be talking about what you ate for lunch. After all, this is an important marketing tool for your business. Leave the personal stuff for your personal pages or accounts.

  1. Things that are compelling or interesting enough to make people want to check back and see what you post next.
  2. Important information that attracts people to your store, blog, or website.
  3. Call-to-action items that gets people to vote, buy or tell their friends.

Some examples:

Photos: Try pictures of new products in your business, new items on your menu or even a new customer giving your business a thumbs-up.

Video: Think short videos. People aren’t looking for long instructional videos on social media, so save those for your website. Instead, post a cool announcement from the owner or a short testimonial from a satisfied customer.

Contests: Everyone loves a contest! Announce a contest you’re holding and don’t forget to keep the contestants updated with the results.

Surveys & Polls: Asking a simple question can engage your followers and fans. You can even ask about a specific service or product in your business to get their feedback. Make sure you post the results!

Announcements: Let your followers know about any new products or services, menu items, partnerships, events, sales or even milestones you’re proud of!