4 Reasons Why Haters Are Good for Your Company

Your company will always have haters, those unhappy customers who go out of their way to trash your product, service or customer service at every opportunity. They often find their way onto social media, thanks to the low barrier of entry and promise that any invisible comment can find its way onto the highly visible first page of Google results. But such negativity can actually be good for your business. Here’s why:

They highlight points of vulnerability. Look past the hurtful comments and ask yourself: Do the haters have a point? While they’re reacting in an unconstructive way, a genuine grievance might drive their rage. Addressing that flaw only strengthens your company.

Their minds can be changed. Most of your haters won’t harbor deep rooted or long term animosity. Perhaps they felt slighted by customer service, or misled by a salesperson. If you can find a way to fix that experience and make it right, that same person can be transformed into your biggest advocate.

They validate your social media efforts. Let’s say you’ve spent a lot of time building relationships on Facebook and Twitter. If a disgruntled customer starts hating on your brand, there’s a good chance loyal customers will rise to your defense. Observers will see the complaints—but they’ll also see the rebuttals.

They keep people talking about your brand. It’s not that any publicity is good publicity. But if you find a way to take control of the conversation, you’ll wind up with positive publicity you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Welcome your company’s haters—and use their agitation to fuel positive change.