New Year: New Website – 5 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Website

With the New Year comes many New Year’s resolutions. Lose a few pounds, be more financially responsible, etc. This year, why not improve your websites customer experiences. Your customers are the heart and soul of your business and the key to your businesses success. The development of multiple channels is important, but many small businesses discount the value of site redesign strategies and simple modifications that can dramatically improve customer experiences and increase conversion rates.

For many small businesses, site redesign and digital strategies will deliver the best return when timed with seasonal shopping trends. But any digital effort that target improvements to the customer experience will inevitably drive traffic and revenue gains throughout the year.

  1. Personalization. Online retailers are always coming up with innovative ways to personalize the customer experience. Larger retailers like Amazon were early adopters of personalized site features, but now many smaller online retailers are getting in on the personalization game through site redesign projects. Awareness and the right use of relevant customer information through features that provide personalization, segmentation and targeting are high return on investment site design objectives.
  2. Low Click Counts. Get your visitors to complete a transaction in the least amount of clicks as possible. A high click counts create unnecessary hurdles that discourage consumers. A great customer experience means that users have the ability to convert in four clicks or less.
  3. Align Your Marketing Efforts. Alignment is key for small businesses. You can deliver a seamless customer experinece by strategically coordinating site content with a device-agnostic approach among other tactics. You can also promote cross-selling or upselling opportunities.
  4. Recommendations and Reviews. On-site reviews enhance the customer experience because they give consumers insight and comfort. Rather than relying just on brand messaging, consumers can confirm product characteristics with their peers.
  5. Engage in Social Media. Social media links improve the relationships between you and consumers. Although some have been disappointed by the results they’ve seen from social media efforts, nearly everyone agrees that it’s important for small businesses to incorporate social media links. Doing so builds deeper brand connections and provides opportunities for sharing of customer experiences with other consumers.

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