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Getting Your Biz Ready for 2012

December 19th, 2011 | Author: starrhall

It is that time of year again, a time to look at what you have accomplished this year and what you need to set in place to grow your business next year. I call this the year end check system- Failure check, success check, change check. Where can I learn from my failures, successes and where can I change?

I have made it a tradition with my business for the past five years at this time to set up all of my marketing and new products so that they can launch for 2012. I spend 1-2 weeks and focus on it every single day until done. I also stay up for 20-24 hours straight on December 31st to get rid of the old and make room for the new. This means- close out client relationships or projects that just aren’t working, or set up better organizational systems and get rid of programs that are not benefiting my company etc… Basically, I clear my space and make necessary changes to my company/brand for the benefit of my clients as well as moi and my family. I love the quote- “the business that doesn’t change…dies”. I believe this to my core and I am constantly looking to change my brand, services, products, business and marketing…as well as my mind set.  I have come up with a few tips below as to how you can prepare your business for 2012 and embrace change. Comments welcome.

1) Do a Client/Customer Check- If you are stressed, spending more time on a client or with a customer than you are getting paid for OR the client/customer does not respect your time and or fees then it is time to say goodbye. Trust that you are closing out the good (or not so good) to make room for the great. This is often one of the most difficult things to do, however this can be the most profitable in the long run. I have fired/closed out hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue simply because the client is not a good fit, does not respect my time or is too difficult to deal with. Quality of life is important to me and my family and that always comes first. Do this check now and take action.

2) Incorporate New Technologies- take 1-2 days right now to check out new technologies, software, programs etc… to see where you can simplify systems as well as gain more brand exposure. Check sites such as www.mashable.com, www.techcrunch.com or www.marketingsherpa.com to read about the latest and greatest tech stuff and marketing studies. Of course, don’t forget about StarrHall.com too

3) Create New Products & Services- If you have the same products and offerings that you started with in 2011, then you need to add a new offering, bonus, service/product. People get bored with the same offerings and you can saturate your current reach and list in a matter of weeks. What can you offer that is new, different and can help ease a client or prospect’s pain points? What pain are they in? Ex: need more revenue, an easier way to do something, need to save money etc… If you can cure a pain point with your services/offerings then you are way ahead of the business growth game.

4) Create New Opportunity- The best way to do this is to get exposure for your brand. How? PR!!!!!!!! Create a new media list, new media pitch, reach out to new blogs and connections. Commit to reaching out to at least 50 new people before 2012 starts, make at least 40 of them media contacts. Do this, do it today!

So there you have it- a few tips for you to hit the ground running in 2012. Your success is my commitment and true passion. Please feel free to leave comments, feedback or ask questions. I am here to help and I can only help if you chat/post/talk with me.

To 2012, let’s kick some ass! (yes, I cursed, it had to be done!)

Starr Hall

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