What Has Your Website Done for You Lately?

Is your site optimized for holiday traffic? If it isn’t, you risk sending visitors clicking away — resulting in lost sales, a weakened brand image and an overall poor impression of your business.

This holiday season, make sure customers stick around when they visit your site by incorporating holiday-centric navigation. Make it easy for visitors to see your special sales, gift guides, top-rated products and other information that will enhance their shopping experience.

Here are some quick and easy ways to leverage your site’s content and create user-friendly navigation that highlights your site’s “gifting” opportunities. Your navigation should include some or all of the following:

  • A “gifts” section. Include a link from your home page to your gift center. Use color and seasonal imagery to draw users’ eyes toward the link.
  • “Shop for/by” links. Create links to gifts for moms, dads, significant others, kids and other demographic groups as appropriate to your brand.
  • Gifts under $20, under $50 and over $75. Some visitors want inexpensive gifts for coworkers, while others are seeking high-price-point items. Don’t leave out either group in your navigation.
  • Top sellers. Feature your top-rated products in one area to help visitors narrow their choices and buy with confidence. Spotlight users’ reviews and testimonials with each product.
  • Our picks. Select your team’s favorites, and highlight them in one area. Include reviews with each product description to give your site some personality.

There’s more than just navigation to consider for your Website, however. If you find that your visitors aren’t sticking around when they visit your site, then Experian’s new Website Review services are precisely what you need to fix what’s not currently working.

Whether you have a well-established online presence or a brand-new Website preparing for launch, we’ll walk you through the steps needed to:

  • Improve SEO performance
  • Enhance usability and functionality
  • Convert browsers into buyers and boost sales
  • Ensure browser compatibility
  • Advance your search engine rankings

Ready to ramp up your site’s performance? Just tell us which services you need, and we’ll generate a customized report to help you optimize your site and meet your holiday sales goals. Get started here.