Small Business Saturday – Part VI

Engage Your Existing Customers With The Ease Of Email

Differentiate your marketing for Small Business Saturday and the upcoming holiday season. Understand that as the holiday shopping season goes full throttle, so do the marketing messages that prospects receive. Make your message clear and concise. That means shorter emails, fewer emails and emails that are more effective.

As with direct-mail coupons, you can use email coupons to drive traffic in on Small Business Saturday. Consider sending a series of emails with your coupon offer to create urgency. For example, try designing a promotional email offering a “Five-Day Sale” that expires on Small Business Saturday. Follow up on Wednesday with a “Three Days Left” email message and then a “Don’t Miss Out! Final Sale Day!” email on Saturday. Announce the remaining number of days for the sale in your subject line, and include calls to action throughout your email.

You also can send your existing customers a special “customer appreciation” email in advance of Small Business Saturday letting them in on even more exclusive deals that the general public wouldn’t be privy to. This strategy will help to build on your customer loyalty now and during the rest of the year.

Remember, email marketing is often a catalyst for Web users to purchase offline. More than half of users in one survey had made a purchase offline after receiving an email promotion. Make it easy for customers to find your business by including your address, phone and hours of business in every email you send during this holiday season.

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